AVEDO Reference Letter


This is a letter of reference for Tomasz Gnyp and HIT Enterprises, ul. Legionów 107H/6,81-472 Gdynia, Poland.
I have worked with HIT Enterprises, Tomasz Gnyp and his team on several projects since 1998 involving software development in Delphi and Java environments. I have been responsible for overall product development and have used HIT as an outsourced, remote development team with its own technical management. Most of the software development has been performed in Poland complemented by occasion visits to our company headquarters in Brussels for technical workshops, kick-off meetings and implementations.
HIT is an essential, high-quality component of our development team and has consistently delivered quality product within the required time. Further, and in contrast to other outsourced development teams we have experienced, HIT has much added value in its capability to understand and execute specifications that have not always been as detailed and complete as they should be. In addition, when the pressure is on to deliver, HIT have always put in the extra effort require to complete projects by working extra hours and weekends and even cancelling vacations. Their technical excellence and commitment is highly appreciated by our management team.
In business relationships, HIT has always conducted itself with complete professionalism and honesty with respect to contracts, confidentiality and financial issues.
Tomas Gnyp, the managing director of HIT and the technical lead is fluent in the English language and is a very talented, professional and personable software developer and technical manager and is a great asset to our projects and product and has personally solved several complex technical issues on our projects.
I highly recommend the employment of Tomasz, HIT Enterprises and his team for software development in Delphi and Java. They have many years of experience operating as a self-contained remote development team and will be an asset to any software development project.


D. P. Manterfield
EVP Customer Services and Support
Avedo n.v.
16th September 2002